ConiferHillPhotography combines several great loves in my life: family

photography, pets, performance and travel. I can't recall a time without a

camera in the home and remember the excitment of purchasing my first, a

Agfamatic 50, when I was less than eight years old, which took the

'Snowball in flight' photo below.


For over 45 years I've been snapping photos, currently with Sony cameras,

but in the past Canon, Nikon,  Minolta,  Agfamatic, Fuji , Pentax and even

Box Brownies!

Over the years I regularly have had the camera out photographing family life. 

Photography of casual moments or special events such as weddings or

peformances even times with our pets are a beautiful means by which I have

'visually journaled' both mine and my family's lives. Photographic images help

me to write and remember stories that can be easily forgotten or sometimes

never even seen.

ConiferHillPhotography is also a place for my own 'travel journal' moments. 

My wife and I have driven a fair bit of Australia, holidayed in the U.K., N.Z.,

U.S.A. and Europe.  From these travels I proudly provide for sale an assortment of beautiful photographs titled SignatureCollections. (Hidden page, only accessible through the former link).

Photographs can't replace the 'living moment' but can help to recall and cherish our experiences. When I took 'Snowball in flight', below, my main concern was not getting hit!  But now I see a playful father, a concerned sister and a joyful mother. This simple but memorable photo has kept the moment alive for over 40 years

Through ConiferHillPhotography I offer the same opportunity for a 'visual journal' to others.  


I hope you enjoy the images on this website and would count it a privilege to be given the opprtunity to capture the moments that you are living in.


Regards David.

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DavidThrough the years

My Beautiful Silvester
My Beautiful Silvester

Named her before we realised she was a girl. Had her first litter on my brother's bed. Lived till she was nearly 20. Sevenhill South Australia

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The Great Lizard Rescue
The Great Lizard Rescue

David in yellow. We went for a drive on a hot day and lizards were on the road sunbaking getting killed by the dozens. We rescued them and put them in the sand dunes. Port Rickaby South Australia.

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Can We Play!
Can We Play!

Overly friendly dog pushed me off the moving truck moments later.

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Father's Day

2 of my children took me to St Georges lake Creswick for a dawn shoot