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About Me

ConiferHillPhotography combines several great loves in my life: photography, pets,  performance and travel. I can't recall a time without a pet in the home. I remember the excitment of purchasing my first camera aged eight which took the 'Snowball in flight' photo below on  a family interstate holiday and when younger, (a lot younger!), I enjoyed performing both in musicals and sport. 


Although now city based, I spent several years living and working on farms in South Australia.  Our farm was home to around 50 sheep, chooks, ducks and cats, dog and rescue galah. Today my adult children continue to enjoy pets in their own homes and throughout all this time I've been snapping photos, for over forty years! I currently use Sony cameras, but in the past have used Canon, Nikon,  Minolta,  Agfamatic and even Box Brownies!

For many years I've enjoyed keeping a 'visual journal' of family life including our pets. Through ConiferHillPhotography I offer this same opportunity to others.  Our pets don't have a voice so 'visually journalling' their lives gives them a voice and helps capture their words  forever.  This way the love they share and the lessons they teach will remain within reach long after they are not. 

In recent years my children have sparked my interest in performance photography.  I make no secret of my pride in my children's performance abilities and being able to capture some of these moments allows me to dwell on these experiences.

ConiferHillPhotography is also a place for my own 'travel journal' moments.  My wife and I have driven a fair bit of Australia, holidayed in the U.K., N.Z. , U.S.A. and Europe.  From these travels I proudly provide for sale an assortment of beautiful photographs titled 'Signature Collections'


Photographs can't replace the 'living moment' but can help to recall and deepen our  experience. When I took 'Snowball in flight' (see below) my main concerns were timing and not getting hit!  But now I see a playful father, a concerned sister and a joyful mother.   The simple but memorable photo helps me relive and deepen the moment. 


ConiferHillPhotography allows my passions for  photography, pets, performance and travel to have an avenue of expression.  In photographing pets and performances I aim to capture moments to be relived and appreciated long after the immediate memory fades. Through 'Signature Collections' I hope to bring fresh vibrant art into homes/offices of individuals who appreciate beautiful images.


If you are interested in further information about a ConiferHillPhotography session or 'Signature Collections' please feel free to call or contact via email.  All the very best David.


David PhotoSession with Anne, Grace, Tina & Luke


David photos over the years