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If you are anything like me, you will like to know a little more information before committing to a ConiferHillPhotography session.  So have a read of this page, the About Me and ShowCase pages to see what results you can expect. If you are interested give me a call or email via Enquiry/Contact page.  I'll answer your questions as best I can and fill you in on what to expect at a PhotoSession. Please be sure to read the  T&C's  page before deciding to make a purchase.    

If you decide to book we figure out a date, time and location and you will receive an email quote with the booking details.  The quote price holds for four weeks  after delivery date but the date and time booking can only be held for 48 hours.  After receiving your online payment we will confirm the booking.  If booking a Pets & People PhotoSession, along with the receipt/booking confirmation email, you will receive some information on how to prepare for the session.  This information is really helpful so I recommend you read it carefully to get the most out of the photoSession.


1 . For Pets & People PhotoSession: On arrival at the session location I'll spend some time allowing your pet to get to know me and become comfortable around my cameras.  The session will usually last an hour but I won't finish it until I'm satisfied we have all the shots desired and hopefully a few extras.  Close up shots are great but I also particularly like to shoot from a distance to give your pet the freedom to play and express their personality.

2. For Performance PhotoSession: When booking the PhotoSession I will chat with yourself and/or the performer(s) to determine what shots you may have in mind.  Often the PhotoSession will be at a rehearsal and not the actual performance.   On arrival I will contact you in case of any last minute requests and then find the best locations and camera settings for the performance.  If the PhotoSession is during an actual performance  I won't interrupt you because I want you to fully experience the moment. 


For Performance PhotoSession there are a couple of requirements


      a. If it is paid entry you will be required to supply my entry fee or pass.

      b. If  I am required to be there for more than an hour time spent will be reflected in the quoted price.

      c.Venue photography approval must be gained before the PhotoSession is booked.

A few days after the PhotoSession you will get an email with a link and a code so you can log on to your online gallery and have a look at the photographs.  At this time you can download low resolution copies which look great on your phone and you can order any other products you want through the ConiferHillPhotography Art/Design page


Emergency reschedulling/cancellation. If you wish to cancel the session I will require seven days’ notice to be able to give you a full refund (minus bank admin fees). Seven days is required to give others on the waiting list time to get ready for a session on the cancelled date.  In case of emergency just give me a call as early as possible and we will simply reschedule.  If bad weather threatens a session I'll call you before the session to reschedule.

If you like what you have seen and read and would like further information go to the Enquiry/Contact page.