Terms and Conditions must be read and agreed on before ConiferHillPhotography sessions are purchased.

ConiferHillPhotography products that are defective will be replaced and defective products must be returned to ConiferHillPhotography before replacement products are ordered. Additional postage fees will not be accepted by ConiferHillPhotography.

Payment Policy

ConiferHillPhotography requires online payment of photography sessions and products before service delivery.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Full Refund: A cooling off period of 48 hours applies for a full refund of ConiferHillPhotography session costs (minus bank fees) after session confirmation email is sent.

Partial Refund: Cancellation fee of $45.00 applies for cancellation of less than two days notice.

Emergency cancellation/rescheduling:  If less than two days cancellation notice is given due to emergency circumstances and a suitable rescheduling date/time cannot be agreed upon, a $45.00 cancellation fee applies.

Weather cancellation: If the weather prevents ConiferHillPhotography proceeding with a session a suitable rescheduling date/time will be set.  If this is not possible a $45 cancellation fee will apply.

Missed Appointments:  No refund is available for missed appointments.

Session payment is non-refundable: once the session time has begun.

Copyright notice

ConiferHillPhotography retains copyright on all images it produces and it retains the right to these images on promotional material and its website.  Clients' images are not reproduced for sale, clients can nominate a preference regarding the use of their pets or personal images on ConiferHillPhotography website promotional material. The client releases all claims to profits that may arise from the use of said images.


Waiver of Liability

ConiferHillPhotography will take all reasonable steps to reduce risks to health and safety during photography sessions.  However you (the client) will be responsible for ensuring your own health, safety and welfare and that of any animals or young people under 18 in your care throughout the session (and agree to remain with them at all times.)   You agree to release the photographer, other employees or agents of ConiferHillPhotography from all claims, damages and liabilities that may result from accidents or incidents that occur during or after a photo session.  This includes waiver of any claim that may be a result of negligence.

Storage and archiving

Images are guaranteed to be retained for a period of one year. Images may be kept for marketing and promotional purposes.